What Are the Benefits of Disposable Face Masks?

What Are the Benefits of Disposable Face Masks?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the world has changed drastically. While the efforts to fight with it goes on continuously, more and more efforts are being put in to go on with life safely. Since nations worldwide are slowly opening up, more stress is being put on following safety protocols like wearing masks.

Since the virus most effectively spread from the mucus lodged in the nose and throat, masks are the primary protection that all healthcare professionals are insisting people to follow. Many continue to argue that wearing cotton masks have the same effectiveness as the n95 respirators and surgical masks, however, that is not true.

Here, we list some benefits that will convince you to ditch your regular cotton masks and buy n95 disposable masks:

  1. Disposable: Needless to say, disposable face masks are disposable. Most people swear by cotton masks that can be washed and used repeatedly. However, this is not a healthy practice since washing it can lead to contamination of water and other surfaces that came in contact with it the wearer is infected. Disposable masks can simply be disposed of without putting other people at risk or increasing the number of fomites.

  2. Approved by Authorities: Disposable n95 respirators and surgical masks are approved by government authorities for their effectiveness. They go through a rigorous testing process that checks through their filtration, safety, and other important factors. This means that your mask has met the utmost standards needed to be deemed safe to use.

  3. Tried and Tested: As mentioned above, disposable face masks are tested and approved by authorities like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for their high effectiveness in protecting against coronavirus. If the government is endorsing it, then you can surely believe that you are using a safe tried and tested product. It does not only keep the wearer from contracting the infection but also spreading it.

  4. No Need to Wash: Since these are disposable there is no need to wash your n95 face masks. It is advised by healthcare professionals around the world to stack up on 3m n95 respirators and surgical masks so that even if you forget to carry yours around, you can simply take one from your stash instead of having to go to the pharmacy unprotected to buy a new one. Those people who are sticking to cotton masks at most at risk since they tend to forget their masks after use. Instead of having to go through the trouble of washing your face masks, buy n95 disposable masks which you can simply discard after use.

Now that the spread of coronavirus is becoming difficult to control, many authorities are insisting on wearing double masks. For those using reusable masks, it is a good idea to layer up with 3mn95 respirators and surgical masks to be as safe as you can. You can also layer your n95 over cotton masks.

However, make sure that you wash them after every use. Also, ensure that there is a stack of disposable face masks always available. Keep some in your car, workplace, and home so you can instantly use a new one at times of need.

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