Licensed Pharmaceutical Distributor

We are a USA distributor of pharmaceuticals that includes specialty pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, PPE, and durable medical equipment servicing hospitals, infusion pharmacies, surgical centers, oncology, dialysis centers, medical specialties/doctors’ offices, clinics and veterinary. The company offers around-the-clock delivery of in need Hospital/Clinic/Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Specialty Products within 24 hours. Please call 313-231-2137 or visit our “Online Support 24/7” for immediate response. We offer next day or same day delivery. Since 2010 we have worked tirelessly to build a strong foundation in this industry. With the assistance of quality products and rendering services with an adequate supply of products at economical rates, we are able to provide services suited to your needs. We are continually evolving our strategic path in an ever-changing industry. Low Cost-Rx has earned the trust of customers around the Country due to our dedication to excellence in service and support. For Immediate Service: Please call 313-231-2137 or click on “Online 24 Hour Support” at the top of the home page.

  • Legend Pharmaceutical Products
  • Brand and Generic Vaccines
  • Plasma derivatives and Biologics
  • Specialty and Hard-to-find Pharmaceutical Products
  • Infusion Center Specialty Pharmaceutical Products
  • Durable Medical Equipment Medical Supplies
  • Over-The-Counter Products
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)