To provide the Highest Level of Excellence as a Licensed Worldwide Pharmaceutical Wholesaler.

Wholesaler/ Distributor

Low Cost Rx works with wholesalers and distributors in over 67 countries, supplying them with products not otherwise available in their country.

Everything you need to serve your patients

As a multi-source USA licensed FDA approved wholesaler, Low Cost Rx is always finding new ways to service our customers. We continuously adapt to the changing needs of the environment to provide a great experience. Whether you are a Wholesaler, Hospital, Large Institution, Medical Facility, or Urgent Care Facility, every customer is our most valued procession in the world. Our goal is always to make sure your experience with Low Cost Rx is an A+ in every aspect of the transaction.

Multi-source licensed wholesaler

Low Cost Rx offers a comprehensive catalog of products and services to medical professionals in the United States, Europe & Asia.

Your patients come first

We believe that it is our mission to provide you with the highest level of quality service possible for you and your patients. We are here for anything you might need, so please let us know if we can help in any way!

Confirmed quality

We are a USA based FDA approved licensed wholesale pharmaceutical distributor that provides the best quality of pharmaceuticals for your patients. We strive on delivering the best possible experience to all our clients by providing personalized attention and great quality of service.


We offer a comprehensive catalog of pharmaceutical grade products and 3PL services.

Unlicensed Medicines

We ship ULM to our clients in over 108 countries worldwide.

wholesale medications

Branded & Generic Medicines

We are always looking for the highest quality cost effective USA branded and generic medications for your customers.

Limited supply meds

International Sales

We source medicines in short supply, limited distribution, orphan drugs and not yet launched medicines.

pharma 3pl logistics

Pharma 3PL Distribution

We deliver end-to-end third-party logistics (3PL) services that mitigate your risk.

meds manufacture

Named Patient Access

We work with manufactures on therapies not yet commercially available.

Employee packing distribution tote Cold Chain

Cold Chain

We provide a variety of cold chain packaging to meet geographic, transportation and environmental requirements.

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