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Licensed Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distributor USA Around-the-Clock Delivery of STAT Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, & PPE

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Prestige Medical carries a complete line of Medical Supplies including all PPE , Regular PrescriptionPharmaceuticals, Hard to find Pharmaceuticals, and Urgent need Meds. 

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Our Purpose- As a USA Licensed Medical Supplier and Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, Prestige caters to our customers with a full line of Medical Supplies, PPE, and Pharmaceutical Products at low cost prices and fast delivery. We offer institutions, dialysis centers, labs, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, clinics, and medical offices, Around-The-Clock delivery for STAT medications including immunoglobulins, crash cart medications, specialty medications, and hard-to-find pharmaceuticals. Click on “24 Hours Online Support.”  And, to provide Low Cost, High Quality Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Over-the-counter items, Medical Supplies, and PPE.
As a Multi-source Licensed Wholesaler, Prestige is always finding new ways to service our customers. We continuously adapt to the changing needs of the environment to provide a great experience. Whether you are ordering as a Retail customer PPE or Medical Supplies or you are a Large Institution, a Medical Facility buying in bulk, or an Urgent Need Facility ordering for STAT delivery, every customer is our most valued procession. Our goal is always to make sure your experience with Prestige Medical is an A Plus with regards to every aspect of the transaction.
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